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So versatile, so bright, so you!

Your style is very personal – as is your MySpeedy. Attach one of these trendy speedometers to your bike and show everyone who you really are. No need to over-complicate your ride. How far? How fast? How long?

Snatch up your favorite design and express your individuality more than ever when out and about on your bike.

Emotional Animation

Personalize MySpeedy with a face! The eleven different animations all say “hi” in their own special way each time you get on your bike. Whether a smiley, a bunny, or a skull and crossbones: simply choose the animation you like the most.

Unlike most wireless speedometers, MySpeedy is not only auto start and stop, it is auto wake too! Thanks to the built in motion sensor, as soon as you move your bike, MySpeedy wakes up from sleep mode and greets you with a welcoming animation to start your ride.


Color coordinated, but also interchangeable!

Choose a MySpeedy that matches your personality and your bike! Whichever design you choose, the bracket, silicone band, and silicone strap all look fabulous together making them the perfect match for you and your bike.

Think outside of the "box"!

MySpeedy goes against the norm with its round display and a full dot matrix screen. This means that there is more room to "play" with, and fewer limitations. Numbers are HUGE. Icons are descriptive pictures.
MySpeedy is cooler than the average speedometer, and simpler to use too! Only one function at a time. Only one button. And wireless! And you need to check out our new wheel size programming - EASY!

MySpeedies will be available June 15th as a 9 pack starter kit to
authorized retailers. Dealers must agree not to violate MAP or sell MySpeedies on 3rd party websites.

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